About Us

About The School

Mangalick Shiksha Kendra is an ideal Senior Secondary School for boys and girls run by "P C MANGALICK PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST" recognized by UP Govt and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), New Delhi.

School Vision

Provide a creative learning environment for each student to learn naturally with no barriers to embrace learning as a lifelong process.

School Mission

Educate and train the Girls and Boys of Rural Families of India enabling them to actualize their full potential so that they become productive citizens of the local community the nation and the world.

Innovative Practices Details

At Mangalick Shiksha Kendra, the drive to continuously innovate and come up with new techniques to deliver learning materials and simultaneously reduce the stress of students to improve student learning outcomes have been a top priority since its inception. Such innovations have improved the education experience for all stakeholders.

Mangalick Shiksha Kendra Culture

Mangalick Shiksha Kendra inspires to be a new paradigm school with a distinct focus on following:

Pro-Active Thinking

To create a platform for learning with emphasis on pro-active thinking, thus moulding a generation of complete and creative individuals.


To nurture the curiosity, creativity and imagination of every child.

Moral Values

To promote moral values and encourage awareness and understanding of different ways of life.

Engage Parents

To engage parents proactively by making communication easy, informative and effective.

Learning Environment

To provide an enriching learning environment for the children and prepare them to meet the challenges of the brave new world.

Education Quality

To provide quality education without prejudice and bias.